Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing and Drums

Africans have an amazing gift of rhythm which is most often expressed in drum playing and dancing.  They seem to be born with this gift; as soon as they can stand, they can dance.  When Africans hear music, their bodies begin dancing - no matter when or where.

I recently attended a performance showcasing talents of the children who live at the Liberian Refugee Camp Orphanage (located just outside of Accra).  It is hoped that through performing, these young people can grow in confidence and earn some money to help sustain the orphanage.  This was the maiden voyage of their show.

By tradition, men make and play the drums.  Some of them start very young.  You can tell I had a favorite drum player.   

These girls and young women danced with all their hearts in the performance.  You could tell that it meant a great deal to them.  I was truly amazed how quickly their feet could move.  I have no idea how they danced on the stones of that parking lot with bare feet.  They told me later that it was no problem at all.  

My favorite moment was watching the younger girls run off stage into the arms of the older girls, celebrating their success.  I felt very proud of them.  

Do you want to know how to make an African laugh?  Just have a white person dance.