Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Guess what happened in our neighborhood on June 2nd?  An Allied Air cargo plane attempting to land in bad weather apparently overshot the landing, skidded through a fence, and across a road.  This was about 1 kilometer from our house.  

Gregg quickly when into his "Church Security Director mode," and got people calling and checking to make sure all the missionaries, members, employees and expatriates were safe.  They were.  However, our home became a "call center" for a few hours.  One Church employee thought we should all evacuate, but we were fine.

Fortunately the 4 crew members were all OK.  The bad news is that the plane clipped a van (called a tro-tro here) killing all 10 people in that vehicle.  Our hearts go out to their families.   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roadside Caskets for Sale

A Ghanaian funeral is quite the send off.  It is in many ways a celebration of that person's life.  Everyone from the community or village comes, usually dressed in black or black and red.  There is music and food and it lasts most of the day.  

If you prefer a traditional casket, those are available right at the side of the road.  And they look very nice.  

If you want to acknowledge something special about this person, there are customized caskets unlike anything we have ever seen before.   Nice tennis shoe.

If you are a Ghanaian fisherman, this could be the perfect casket for you.

I love the red chile pepper.  Remember that Gregg,  just in case.  These are a work of art, and very imaginative.