Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gecko Catch and Release Program

There are the cutest little white geckos here.  We have found a couple inside our home.  We really don't mind them, but due to the very effective fumigation program, they don't stand a chance at co-habitating with us. 

The most memorable was the occasion when we were getting ready for bed and Gregg said, "there's either a new pattern in the middle of our bedspread, or that's a gecko."  And indeed it was a gecko.  I grabbed a plastic bowl and sent Gregg for a piece of cardboard.  With my lightning quick reflexes, and coming up from behind (as suggested by Gregg) I captured him under the bowl.  We slid the cardboard underneath and then released him outside in the bushes.  Boy was he fast!  As he dashed off, Gregg commented, "I hope you live a long life, who knows, maybe one day you'll end up in an insurance commercial."

The other one was a religious sort, dashing behind the picture of Jesus Christ for sanctuary.  Gregg was out of town in Sierra Leone, so I was on my own for a successful capture and release.  

We've included a picture of a 4 inch gecko that lives on our back porch. 

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