Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Axim Beach

In our continued search for the best beach in Ghana, we did a pre-Christmas getaway with friends and drove 6 hours to Axim Beach.  Axim Beach is located about an hour from the Ivory Coast border.  At some times of the year they have nesting turtles and you can see whales, dolphins, etc.  However, you can also just lay under the sun on the beach.  

There are two relatively nice "resorts" on Axim Beach.  We chose the smaller one named Lou Moon.  This is a boutique resort offering only a handful of cottages, some of which are quite nice.  Being a church employee we took the economical route, but couldn't help noticing the cottage which is completely surrounded by water during high tide and has two glass walls looking out to the ocean.  Ah... maybe someday.  

The beach was nice, the sun was warm, we were surrounded by palm trees, and it was just relaxing to get away.  The food was wonderful.  We had some very interesting fish dishes including this octopus and pineapple I selected for lunch.  

The problems with driving 6 hours on Ghanaian roads are twofold:  everything is a 2 lane highway causing you to be concerned about accidents, and just before Christmas all the police are looking for a little extra money (if you know what I mean - lots of police stops).  We don't mean to sound critical as most of the Ghanaian police are helpful and nice; as in any country you just need to learn where the police stops are likely to occur.  

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