Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Holland's Visit

Our life shifted into high gear from Feb 10-19 during the Africa West Area Review.  Elder Holland and Elder Snow and their wives were our guests from Salt Lake City.  The review was to include Liberia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.  To view a video of Elder Holland's comments visit:

The harmattan was in full swing with dust and sand blowing off the Sahara and visibility at an all time low in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  We tried to fly to Liberia Feb. 10 and boarded the plane, but never took off because the visibility was too low in Monrovia, Liberia to land.  One Africa lady jumped up and shouted, "Don't get off this plane!"  Her idea was to have a "sit in" and refuse to leave until they flew us to Liberia.   Feb. 12 we tried again and flew all the way to Monrovia only to circle above the airport and return to Ghana due to poor visibility.  I loved Gregg's perspective: "'Live to fly another day."  Delta created an extra flight on Feb. 13 and we were able to get Elders Holland and Snow all the way there.  Local people on the plane were literally weeping and clapping at our landing, so glad to finally make it there.  

I had a lot of fun shopping in Accra with Sister Holland and Sister Snow.  We visited a fabric factory, a crafts display, and a sewing shop.  Here is our picture as we stood in front of the Accra, Ghana temple.  

We were edified and uplifted as we listened to Elder Holland teach us.  We were grateful for the Apostolic blessing he left.  It was a joy to have been part of his visit.  

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