Accra Ghana Temple

Accra Ghana Temple
Accra Ghana Temple

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ghana golf

Yes, we golf in Ghana.  It may not be a beautiful course like we are used to in the U.S., but for a golf-starved husband ... it will do.  

Our favorite course so far is the Tema Country Golf Club.  During the wet season we have pretty good greens and some grass on the fairways.  During the dry season it is hard packed fairways, but Gregg likes it because he gets a great roll.  There's a lot of red dirt so we come home pretty dusty from the knees down.  

There are no electric golf carts here, so you walk and a caddy is required.  A caddy is really essential, it is too hot and humid to carry your own clubs.  But the most important part is that if you have a good caddy, you never, never lose a golf ball in the trees.  These guys are truly amazing.  They seem to have telescopes for eyes.  They go right to where the ball entered the jungle and disappear and come back in a few moments with your ball.  Also, if you want, your ball will always be on a tuft of grass, much better than on the dirt where your ball may have come to rest.  As long as they know what you want, that is what you will get.  The price for this wonderful service is about $10 and you buy them a cold bottle of water between the 9th and 10th holes.

On our first visit, there were two "greens" which were hard packed sand covered with oil. They have now been replaced with grass greens.  Gregg says the greens are not too bad and probably the best part of the course.  

They have a nice outdoor clubhouse where you can get a cold water or soda which is wonderful considering how very hot and humid it is here.  Although Gregg tees off early he is usually soaking wet to his knees after nine holes.  I worry sometimes as it is a set up for heat exhaustion.  We've decided that on those 'hotter than hades' days, maybe 9 holes is enough.   

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